Director & Editor

I am a professional multitask. I say this because I can be involved and participate in each and every process of an Audio Visual Production. When doing camera work I am conscious of how my work must fit in with the script writer and directors narration and how I can later edit or help to edit this material into a powerful video.

I have been working with Final Cut Pro since 2004. I have extensive knowledge of the software and I am very methodical with my work organization, I can also use Adobe Premiere in the same level of FCP.


  • Good management skills and team leadership.
  • Experience in cameracar filming.
  • High proficiency working with steadycam operators.
  • Filmed with traveling and cranes.
  • Helicopter shooting experience.
  • Maritime shootings experience.
  • Extensive experience in international shoots.

Skills in post-production

  • High proficiency in  as Final Cut Pro HD Editor.
  • High proficiency in  as Adobe Premiere Pro Editor.
  • High proficiency in  as DVD Studio Pro Operator.
  • Experience as 3D and motion graphic coordinator.
  • Experience using Plural Eyes.
  • Experience as coordinator voiceover sound studio.

Rodaje del cortometraje "La Bomba en el despacho".




I have very relevant skills as a filmmaker. I can and have used many different kinds of cameras and I have a large capacity to tell stories successfully. My experience as a documentary filmmaker is very solid such as in corporate films, tv programs and media content.

I worked with many different cameras, this experience showed me that if you can use one model of camera you can use all of them. I think that each project demand one kind of camera.


  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II y Mark III.
  • Arri Alexa.
  • JVC GY-HM700 Pro HD.
  • Sony PMW-EX1.

Styles of work

  • Documentary.
  • Behind the scenes/making of.
  • Fiction.
  • Reportages.
  • Corporate.
  • Interviews.
  • TV Programs.
  • Chroma key.




Since 2004 I have been mixing my work as a director, editor and cameraman with my personal and professional projects as a photographer. In all these years I have made many different styles of photos, but always with a documentary perspective. As a result, as a photographer, my strength is in events coverage, portrait and testimonial photography. You can see it in

Styles of work

  • Documentary.
  • Events.
  • Still Photo.
  • Portrait.
  • Press.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Corporate.