Juan Manuel Peña

  • After graduating from the T.A.I. film school, I started working with several audiovisual teams. During my first years as professional, from 1995 to 2001, I focused on documentary productions for TV, working as cameraman and editor in more than 50 hours of documentary production for TVE International (Spain’s national TV network).

    In 2001 I founded my own production company, which was an excellent opportunity to work in a variety of film projects, from fashion to corporate films, documentaries and web TV.

    In 2004 I became interested again in photography; a media that I have always found thrilling. The advances brought by digital formats and how they started to blur the lines between video an photography became a new source of motivation. Over ten years I mixed my own documentary projects with commissions until eventually I became a freelancer, looking for greater freedom in my professional life.

    After work as a freelance in London near two years I moved to Philippines for worked during six month in a the reality show called “Miami Modelos al Natural” broadcasted in the international channel Fashion|One.

    Now i am living again in Spain preparing new audiovisual projects.J.M.